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Do you know the specific function of seismic finished support?

Author:Click:402 Time:2021-10-14

What is the specific function of seismic finished support?

Function 1: effectively bear the relevant self weight of the pipeline. In many cases, the self weight of the pipeline is ignored by many equipment installers, and these problems will threaten the safety of the pipeline; When the finished supports and hangers are used, the equipment can well bear the self weight of the pipeline, and the self weight stress of the pipeline can always be within the relevant allowable range, so as to ensure the safe use of the equipment.

Function 2: it can effectively increase the relevant stiffness of the pipeline. Although the pipeline will have a large stiffness force in a short distance, if the pipeline span is relatively large, this stiffness will become smaller and smaller. If the stiffness cannot be effectively improved during construction, it will certainly affect the normal use and safety of the pipeline. Therefore, this problem can be solved after using the finished support and hanger equipment, So that the stiffness of the pipeline can be well improved.

Function 3: it can effectively control the direction and size of thermal displacement of pipe system. The thermal displacement of piping system is a certain and unavoidable situation for the construction pipeline. In order to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline and connected equipment, it is necessary to install seismic support manufacturers to deal with this situation.


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