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The bridge system must have electrical continuity grounding

Author:Click:773 Time:2020-09-09

The cable tray is made of mild steel and hot-dip galvanized after punching.

The punching shall be oval and arranged in lattice shape, and the punching area of each section shall not be less than 7%; The center distance between punching holes shall not be greater than 100mm.

Punching is not required for power supply cable tray applicable to fire fighting equipment. The whole cable tray system must have electrical continuity grounding. The supplier must provide sufficient copper braided tape for grounding. And there shall be at least one reliable grounding connection point at each joint (including non-linear) along the whole length of the cable tray. The standard length of straight section of cable tray is 2m. However, in case of special requirements, the length of straight section shall be provided according to the requirements of mobilization material plan according to the actual needs.

If the cable tray size is above 200, it must be equipped with internal and external connecting pieces, and if it is below 200, it shall be equipped according to the actual situation.

When the height of cable tray is 150mm, the connecting holes at each end shall be double rows, with no less than 12; When the height is 100mm, there are 6 connecting holes at each end. Various cable trays, elbows and tees shall be equipped with connecting pieces, and square neck bolts, nuts and gaskets shall be complete. Each section of cable tray shall be clearly and completely marked. Indicate the specification, model, manufacturer and production date. The product quality shall be guaranteed, and the splicing method is prohibited for single section and single piece main body.


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